10 Things I Hope My Best Friend Finds As She Turns 21

21. A big year. You can officially drink alcohol, you are officially an adult free from your parent’s responsibility, and you officially still have no idea what you are doing. It’s a big year, with a lot of big things coming for you. So here’s to you, and all the other best friends turning 21 (or any other age really).

  1. I hope you find excitement

I hope that this year and every year after, you wake up every day truly excited about something. Whether it’s going to a job or a class that you love, seeing people who light up your world, or simply looking forward to an awesome breakfast. Whatever it is, I hope you look forward to waking up every day.


2.  I hope you find clarity

I know everything is really confusing right now. It’s hard to move forward when you can’t see the path ahead. Trust me, it’s there and it’s leading you to places greater than you could ever imagine. I hope you find that this year. I hope you take time for yourself, by yourself, to decide what it is that you want, and how you’re going to get it…free from anyone else’s opinions. I hope this year, that you get a clear picture of the amazing life you’re going to live, and I hope you choose to start living it.

3.  I hope you find adventure 

I hope you visit all those places that you’ve always wanted to go. I hope you see the world for the beautiful place that it truly is. I hope that you make decisions quickly because that will bring some of the best memories you’ve ever had. Let your adventurous spirit take over and go wherever the wind takes you. Whether it’s on a spontaneous trip to Starbucks, or a spontaneous trip to Spain, don’t overthink too much just make a plan and go!


4.  I hope you find love

Not necessarily a romantic love, but if that comes along that’s great too! But what I’m talking about here is all the love that is already in your life. We are ALL guilty of always looking for “one true love” instead of truly appreciating all of the people already in our lives who love us unconditionally. Our families, best friends, teammates, and whoever else. The more you look for it the more you’ll find love in all the right places. I hope this year, you find that and truly soak up every bit of it.

5. I hope you find prosperity

I think this one really goes along with all the other things we’ve already talked about. I hope that this year you find yourself in a good place financially, that way you can go on all the adventures we talked about before. I hope you find ways to earn income that you truly enjoy and don’t get stuck with a job that you hate. I hope that the clarity you find, brings you this prosperity, to again do what you truly want to do.

6. I hope you find joy

In the little things, every day. I hope it brings a smile to your face when you get up and your mom makes you breakfast while you’re home. I hope it brings you joy when your best friend tells you how hot you look on any given day, or going through old pictures finding some of your favorite memories. I hope it brings you joy that you get to attend classes with some of your favorite people in the world. And whatever other little things happen each day, I hope you see the joy in them.



7.  I hope you find your purpose

This one is huge. This is what will bring everything else together. When you know your purpose, you will be much more confident in everything that you do.  Don’t take this lightly. It may seem difficult to find but once you do, believe me, it’s like an entirely new world has been opened up to you. And now, as you really begin to grow up, is the perfect time to find it.

8. I hope you find peace

I hope this year comes with little stress. I hope that when stress does come along that you are able to look at the big picture and realize that it’s not as big of a deal as it seems in that moment.  There is good in every single situation, always.  Choose to see the good, and the giant problem that seems to be in front of you, will suddenly become a simple task.

9. I hope you find bravery

I hope you know that you yourself are capable of so much.  I hope that you have the confidence to know this, and the bravery to act upon it. The big dreams that you have are scary. You wonder how you can do it. Are you smart enough? Are you strong enough? The answer is yes. I hope that you find the bravery to do the things that you’ve always been afraid of. Know that you can do whatever you want and that you owe it to yourself to actually do it. I hope that you find just enough selfishness in order to worry about only your own opinion.


And of course……..

10. I hope you find lots and lots of wine!!

Happy 21st! May this be the best one yet!

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