10 Essential Oils Every College Girl Needs

College is hard. But let’s not make it harder than it needs to be! These oils have seriously helped me and this is how….

  1. Stress Away

This one may seem obvious but, girl, really. You are literally trying to figure out your whole life in four years. You’re working for probably minimum wage, trying to maintain your grades (for scholarships if nothing else), and your mom is calling you every 10 minutes wondering when you’re coming home and why you haven’t called Grandma in a month. I get it, it’s stressful. Do yourself a favor, order this magical bottle and rub it on your neck and drop it in your diffuser.


    2) Thieves

Because of all of the things previously stated, your immune system is needing some attention. Rub this guy on the bottom of your feet at night to help you stay healthy and not get behind. Because you know as well as I do that professor *I can’t pronounce his name* is not about to let you make up that test that’s worth 20% of your overall grade.

    3) Frankincense

   I once heard, “If it’s good enough for Baby Jesus, it’s good enough for me”. But really, I’ve never heard a more accurate statement in my life. This one is AMAZING for skin care! Not only is it great on skin blemishes, but also moisturizes and smells marvelous. In a diffuser, it is wonderful for clearing your mind during study time. Again, if Jesus used it, you probably should too. I’m just saying.


   4) Purification

So your roommate stunk up the bathroom again, the neighbors across the hall WILL NOT stop smoking, and you just can’t get the smell of cat pee out of the carpet? Let me introduce you to your new BFF. Purification does exactly what it says, purifies the air around you. Diffuse it, put it in your laundry, put some in the toilet paper roll, wherever you need some odor fighting, this will do the job.

BONUS: I also use it with frankincense to help with skin problems.

   5) Valor

Girl. You. Need. Valor. Let’s talk again about how much pressure we’re under right now. Get and keep scholarships. Be involved with clubs and organizations. Be healthy. Pay rent. Do all the things. Anxiety is high, but Valor fights back. This was the first oil I tried that I immediately felt calmer, cooler, and more collected to do the thing. So use it to do whatever your thing is. Need to pass a test? Diffuse Valor while you study, and roll it on your wrist before you enter the classroom. Really want to ask that cute guy to dance? Roll on the Valor and let him (literally) smell the confidence coming off of you. Let me tell you one more time, YOU NEED VALOR.


   6) Sclaressence

       This one is a hormone balancer. To put it simply, it will help you not be crazy. I typically put it on my ankles at night, but I have strongly considered dumping the whole bottle in my bath before. When I’m feeling a little extra…well…female, I drop it directly under my tongue. So while you’re waiting for the cute guy you danced with (thanks to Valor) to text you the next day, use some of this stuff just to make sure you don’t do anything too crazy in the meantime (we’re only women you know).

   7) Panaway

If you’re anything like me, you think that you work out wayyy more than you actually do. So then, the one day a month that you actually do go to the gym, you feel like every muscle is being ripped out of your body and you can’t walk the next day. Whether this is also your situation, or you actually work out regularly (in which case, I sincerely applaud you) Panaway is great for soothing those screaming muscles. Mix a few drops with some coconut oil and massage it wherever you’re in need. It smells like a wintergreen heaven that helps your poor overused muscles.

     8) Lime

  Drink water. We are all guilty of not drinking enough water. What’s helpful? Flavored water! I have become a huge fan of lime flavored water (yes, it’s better than lemon). I put some ice in my glass, add a drop or two of Lime Vitality oil and fill it up with water. Lime is also great for cooking (even for my version of cooking, which is making popcorn), and is wonderful in…ahem…“Adult beverages”. Because let’s be real, we like those too.


    9) Northern Lights Black Spruce

Now, you may think that Lavender is a wonderful sleeping potion. I do have to say, it is! However, I have personally found Northern Lights Black Spruce to be even better in the diffuser at night!! It fills the air with the aroma of mountains that puts me right to sleep with pleasant dreams. I can’t say it will work like this for everyone, but girl, you’re in college. You need all the help with sleep you can get. This is 1000% worth a try!


  10) Joy

When it comes down to it, this is an awesome season of life. Yes, there are so many stressful things (but we have those covered with oil now, right? *wink, wink*), but this is the time that YOU get to make things happen. Use some Joy in the diffuser, or on your wrists to help remind you of all the things that are going right. Because there are, so many things going right.


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